Professional Year

Are you a recent graduate in:

  • Accounting
  • Information Technology​​
  • Engineering
Professional Year programs provide the necessary practical training before entering the competitive job market. A successfully completed Professional Year can contribute five (05) points towards the Australian Skilled Migration application of international graduates.
Are there internships involved? YES
  • The programs last between 12 - 44 weeks, preparing students to:
  • Improve their practical industry skills​ ​
  • Adapt to the work culture of the country​
  • Improve communications
  • Grow their professional network
Complement your degree qualification with workplace experience
in your relevant field.


Pride International works with a broad network of service providers who offer internship programs in almost all academic disciplines.
  • Gain innovative work experience​
  • Acquire firsthand industry knowledge
  • Highly structured on-the-job training
  • Exposure to actual working environment
  • Expand your professional network
Secure an internship program that is tailored to match your educational background and career goals.